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Nobody will ever know it (but there is no empty path)

I saw a white bar, one red round mouth and they all told me to step away, I didn't move, I was a petrified angel saying hello to green firelights, I said thanks for its color, for the bright message, for the unexpected sun, for all the ones I left behind. Hey babes, I'll smoke inside your lungs. But it's not up to me, I am not alone, there is another soul looking at me, and my breakfast will smell better than your entire life. Mert should rather eat Marcus, meat for cheap is such a threat, at six in the morning, at least. We... [Lire la suite]
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Get your digit delight elsewhere, lighthouses!

A crop of sweets fallen from a plastic tree, a bunch of eyes tuned for the best and worst, a world that melts waiting for the night to go by. Years leak and years drop, idiots drool and lights fly by like dirty eagles between the clouds. Where does the sky lives? Where do angels land? If anyone knows the exact address, we'll order a taxi with tomato sauce and garlic powder, we'll drive straight. Isis, name of a goddess (Bataglia for the curious crowd), forgotten fixture of another empire, and back again with the features you can... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Isis

  Isis Bataglia Esposito @ Elite (Paris) She was almost everywhere she needed to be in Sao Paulo, she's the darling of this season in Brazil, she's already signed with Elite Paris and she has the name to make it even cuter and more thrilling. Who could resist to such a unique face called Isis ? We have as strong feeling regarding her look, thinking it can easily be what we need now. And what we'll need for the season to come. It's sooner than ever now. Couture shows are in less than a week from now and two months later... [Lire la suite]
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