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Rasa's Razzia

        Rasa Zukauskaite @ Next Rasa on the radar. Our radar too. Days and nights. She was the heart of one of our late-at-night convo yesterday. That Prada video is the most delightful thing we've watched in ages and her other one from Love wasn't bad at all. What's the secret behind Rasa's rise. Only time will tell how high she'll go and how far she'll fly but for now she's going as fast as the speed of light. The right girl at the right place. Right time too, even if sometimes it seems she got rid of time. Not... [Lire la suite]
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A supplement of soul

Luize Salmgrieze @ Viva (Paris), Women Direct (NY) Luize. From the untouch new face a few times ago to the talented young woman of today. Incredible. The way she improved, the way she creates characters, her playful way to pose and look at the camera. Step by step, steadfast and on the right slope. Latest pieces of her roster include this editorial above, from the last Mixte ever shot by Jacob Sutton (styled by Celestine Cooney) and another one in new issue of Elle UK by Thomas Nutzl. Talk about a new Luize wave. Editorial... [Lire la suite]
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