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The 'game' has officially started but the 'games' are not done yet. Even if everyone here and there wants everyone else there and here to believe the affair is packed for the season. Predictions, bets, wild guesses and whatever else it could be: every mouth right now can say five or ten names, even with the best luck the final results have high chances to be dramatically different. That might be a very interesting season (still ahead of us for now) and we're living the most boring and frustrating part of it somehow... in a few days... [Lire la suite]
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It Took Just One Look, And We Understood

        Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY) Brown eyes, brown hair with curly locks... could start our story with a basic description of her looks, could start now and go on forever with words or just stop now and let you admire these polaroids and first outtakes from her book. Could start where it started for her, Annabelle, one of the newest Women in town and a native newyorker, could give you numbers as well but intensity doesn't need numbers. Confusion always means high impression to us and if we have troubles... [Lire la suite]
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6 Months, 6 Nights

        Megija Kenina @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) You may not see any connection between Deimante and Megija, and even if there were none at all it wouldn't stop the modeling world from going on. And on, and on again. Only a few will immediately remember Megija too, made her first steps in front of Natalie Berzina's camera. But that's already quite a good little while ago and the landscape in New York's tiny agencies-world has dramatically changed since we first saw Megija Kenina in Riga, something like... [Lire la suite]
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Hide & Seek

        Sharon Van De Pas @ IMG (NY) It takes a Friday afternoon, allergies and a good shower, countless cups of coffee to get back to these topics we've been working on for weeks waiting for better words and a better moment than in between two other features to publish them. Among these topics was Coco Young's second part, there was also Sharon Van De Pas by James Mahon. Pictures were waiting for a few weeks already, if not more and we wouldn't exaggerate saying we thought of them every single day since they hit... [Lire la suite]
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Hey Child, Stay Wild

          Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) Long time no talk... and James Mahon popped up again on our radar two days ago! Just in time, we'd say as he wanted to share a beautiful story he did with Alicia Kuczman, officially one of our new favorites. Taking the softest side of Alicia, which isn't the most obvious idea on earth, and mixing it with some Sex Pistols tee-shirts was quite a brilliant find to highlight what (in our opinion, at least) makes her look so specific. The best of it could be its contrasts. Her... [Lire la suite]
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              Antonella Graef @ Supreme (NY) Let's talk about love. Love, love, love. All we're dreaming of. We're not going to tell you about blue ballons and midnight moons but a little story about twisted toons. Even if there is a bit of moonlight in the story too, pale dolls popping up at Givenchy, like out of the night in their dark outfits. We were lucky enough to catch up with Stasya and Ranya right after the show but Antonella was missing. A teaspoon of sadness on a glorious day, maybe.... [Lire la suite]
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Naturally Sophisticated, after all

            Lindsey Wixson @ Marilyn (NY) We're in the mood. In the mood for uncanny faces with model-perfect bodies. After Ksenia, the most unique girl we've seen in a while, comes Lindsey the most unique girl in New York right now. Her face is truly one of a kind and we dare you to find another Lindsey, knowing you won't. Eyes, lips, expressions and face shape, all have her signature. Impossible to mistake her with anyone else. Her silhouette scores at 5'10 (178) and her portfolio looks like a... [Lire la suite]
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You know Yana ?

        Yana Shmaylova @ Elite (NY) James Mahon pictured her as the most intriguing silhouette, the most lovely ghost we've ever seen. Ethereal at its highest level. It takes the right face and a lot of potential from the model and it really seems Yana has both. We just said that Elite has a high number of our current NY favorites three posts below and here is another example. And she's also another brilliant example of natural talent, as she's just 15 and brand new. Instinctive.Versatility is probably... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Hailey !

    Hailey @ Ford (LA) She's young, she was born and raised in California and it's no wonder she signed with Ford, Los Angeles. It's also no wonder James Mahon sent us his tests with Hailey, freshly taken during his trip. Young and strong, our latest stunner online is only 14 but no less than 5'11 (32-25-34) and looks simply powerful. Naturally able to put her heart and soul in any of her pictures. Strength, presence, freshness: you don't know where to start if you want to try yourself at describing Hailey and what makes... [Lire la suite]
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Can't Stop Now Don't You Know (Extended Mix)

            Gloria Loitz @ Mode (Canada), One (NY) The eighties in our ears (currently, Don't Go) and Gloria in ours. Might be the perfect combination to end the day. Suitable ending, sweetness of the darkness and new pictures are shining bright. News came from every front: from One, her agency in NY, from Mode Models her mother agency and from photographer James Mahon who worked on her book (from third to last picture). Everybody is impressed and everybody is happy to be impressed. One's latest... [Lire la suite]
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