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Fever vs. Frenzy

Fashion week is going its way and the first interesting facts are there now. Still a bit too early to think of a review (or a no-review) but we do really think a few models we spotted these days are worth some kind of report. Not really focusing on shows only and it's often good to keep one of your eyes away from the runway when everything is happening. Leaving all options open because in two weeks then in three weeks everything can be different. You never know at this stage and all we feel allowed to tell for the moment is who we... [Lire la suite]
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The Perfect Palette

Laura McCone @ Elite (NY) We could have called our entry Out of the Blue, the trick would be perfect but we thought nothing would be true in that title and it wouldn't reflect our thoughts on these new works of Jonathan Leder. Neither him (a regularly featured photographer and an all-time favorite) nor Laura McCone (still new but hard not to notice her) are literally coming out of the blue for us. And that wouldn't fit our theme either as our focus is somewhere else than (re-)creating some shock of the new or whatever it is called.... [Lire la suite]
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Rock Your Soul

Yesterday we said weekly and today it seems even daily, talking about the rythm of our posts dedicated to Jonathan Leder. But this has never stopped us, it never gets repetitive when the visuals are good and when the inspiration comes along. We never thought we would sound biased either, just being supportive of photographers we love as we love them for what they do and what their work does for us. Words just go by, almost straight from our minds to the screen via our fingers literally dancing on the keyboard. Let the music... [Lire la suite]
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Hazel Eyes

      Amanda Chamberlain @ Elite (NY) We could do one per week, one Elite/Pulse-girl by Jonathan Leder. Last week we had the lovely Brittany McPhee, this one it's Amanda's turn. Totally different look, totally different vibe even when pictured by the same photographer using the same polaroid technique, the same aesthetic. That might be the magic of Jonathan's work as well, being able to draw a different portrait each time and the fact he uses the same camera and same style makes it even more obvious. Might also be the... [Lire la suite]
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Talented Teenager

      Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY) She's one of the few models who start young and really leave a mark. Starting young in modeling has been quite pleonastic for years but it doesn't seem to be so relevant anymore and examples of girls starting rather "late" and doing well are easier to find nowadays. Not saying girls who start early are that rare but the approach went from "the faster the better" to a steady pace, with much emphasis put on development -- step by step. Though, among those young ladies, you'll always... [Lire la suite]
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No Fuss

        Tabea @ IMG (NY) Could be one of these entries with our homemade cheesy titles like "Love is all what matters" and actually at the moment we're writing these lines we have no clue on what the title would look (sound) like. Might go for that cheap romantic vibe, just to get out of the drama. So, things are pretty official now if you check out Tabea's book on IMG's website (gorgeous book, by the way) but this is not really what we want to comment on today. Don't want to say it's good or bad, don't... [Lire la suite]
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Hello America!

        Britney Nola @ APM Model Management (NY) "Every once in a long while I find a face I cant live without." That's exactly what happened to each of us recently and that's what happened to Jonathan Leder as well, calling Britney Nola the "best new face you have never heard of". We always love to feel the others thrill as much as we love when we suddenly get under one model's spell. But the best thing is how it all makes sense to day. We fell for two new classic beauties currently working in... [Lire la suite]
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Rachel v1.0

  Rachel Cook @ Elite (NY) Growing in life, growing on us. That's the best way we found to introduce shortly Rachel Cook, 15-years-old at Elite, New York. And guess what, she's another of these girls found by Pulse Management and carefully managed by Elite -- just scroll down a little bit and you'll seen the Teen Vogue truth (Brittany McPhee). Fresh face would be an understatement talking about Rachel, especially as these words are so overused nowadays. Refreshing vibe would sound better already, even if sounds deja vu as well.... [Lire la suite]
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    Kylie Bisutti by Jonathan Leder Before the Gig Life is not easy but... can be funny. Got some news from Jonathan Leder last night, new pictures with Victoria's Secret contest winner Kylie Bisutti. Went to the coffee machine and back to the computer, got another mail. Insider tips on Prada's casting. News from the previous evening weren't relevant as Prada's plans changed and the new news (if we can say so) were about VS girls walking the show in Milan tonight. Thought of Jonathan's mail, thought of Kylie's... [Lire la suite]
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Riding on Cloud Number Nine

        Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY), Major (Paris) The nineties. The decade we lived without living them for real, just passing by and keeping a few lost memories we're not sure they're really ours. The legends and lost loves from the nineties... Jonathan Leder had the good idea again to send us his latest pieces she shot with another of our favorite girls, Kristy Kaurova who reminds him of the nineties vibes. Something we see without seeing it, depending on which nineties we're talking about. Whatever, we love... [Lire la suite]
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