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The Svea Spring Show

        Svea Kloosterhof @ CODE (The Netherlands) Spring seems back today (maybe not for good but let's hope) and when we feel Spring, we seriously need freshness. Craving for light-hearted moods and good vibrations, uptempo melodies and gorgeous pictures. Showtime surely makes the atmosphere slightly heavy and we're struggling a little to keep our heads out of the fashion waters, keep the rythm not to get stressed out before the end, mid-March. Best thing to help and cheer up is a short topic on a promising young... [Lire la suite]
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Everybody loved the show

Tetyana Melnychuk @ Marilyn (NY) The Tetyana Melnychuk show by Jonathan Waiter. That's probably how we should have named this short story exploring Tetyana's most unexpected sides including the most precious and vulnerable. We finally went for everybody loved the show as these pieces of work were actually milestones for everyone and a great moments - we imagine. For the photographer, the model, her mother agent from Argentina and for our own eyes, when the set arrived in front of them. We surely knew Tetyana was a special one... [Lire la suite]
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Overcoming Procrastination

        Valerie Van Der Graaf  @ SPS (The Netherlands) Time went by and she looks as fresh as on day one. Was a few seasons ago, Place Vendome in Paris, Valerie was just in for one show. Since that beautiful moment on a cold afternoon, the blonde with brows from SPS Model Management in Amsterdam has learnt how to use her huge potential at its max and even beyond its limits. Her initial shyness turned into poise with time and cuteness became sophistication. Only freshness remains. There might be no better... [Lire la suite]
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Simply Different, No Added Promise

    Svea Kloosterhof @ CODE Management (The Netherlands) Take an inspiring face and send it to an inspired photographer. See what you get, make the mix and let the music play. Svea looks like a dancing queen or a conductor, depends on which picture you're looking at. The only thing who never changes from one shot to the other is the high emotions she brings. Limitless love to the camera is obvious on any of the black and white pieces by Jonathan Waiter and even more obvious on this VIDEO of Svea shooting with Anouk... [Lire la suite]
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Mighty Maaike

Maaike @ SPS (The Netherlands) We remember Maaike's polas from the beginning of this year, when the agency representing her in Barcelona (Uno) told us about the latest treasure they added to their board. It wasn't hot or breaking news at that moment, just the cutest way to introduce a new girl. Credit to SPS Model Management in Amsterdam for finding this incredible youngster (and young star in making), credit to them as well for her development and placements. Both in such a wise way, following the strong line they've... [Lire la suite]
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Crazy, Classic, Moody, Sophistaced, Etc

Kelly @ Ragazza (The Netherlands) It's not really the first time we feature Kelly, it's most likely not the last time and she's still brand new somehow. She's one of these girls who can leave their marks everywhere and very fast. She had her little moment during the recent fashion week in Amsterdam (last news we have is her walk for Ilja Visser and LEW). Light-hearted mood then drama then light-hearted mood again then back to drama, she can embody any character and fit for any atmosphere. We've been able to gather a few... [Lire la suite]
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