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  Anastasija Kondratjeva @ Elite (Paris), Jourdan Dunn @ Nathalie (Paris) Kelli Lumi @ Major (Paris), Regina Feoktistova @ Nathalie (Paris) Sophie Srej @ IMG (Paris), Zuzana Gregorova @ Viva (Paris) A new season is going to start soon - for us, with Haute Couture in Paris and Berlin Fashion Week at the end of the months. NY shouldn't be late after then London, Milan and... Paris again. Makes us think time has come to feature a few girls we've seen last season there, taken by Jeremy K (jey47key). Time to refresh memories, make... [Lire la suite]


Jourdan Dunn @ Women (NY) We still think it would have had more impact to release a Black Issue in september... there is one thing that surely doesn't disappoint us: it offers an incredible opportunity to an incredible model. Jourdan Dunn. After a topnotch season, peaked at Prada, she deserved something that big in her portfolio. She deserved a major cover and we're more than glad it's actually a Meisel moment. After all, the concept doesn't really matter as long as you can see one of the best model getting more exposure. We always... [Lire la suite]
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Spotlights vs. Delights

 Prada f/w 08-09 The most awaited casting, of Milan at least, is not a secret any longer. Prada f/w 08-09 took place yesterday and in the evening everybody was already talking about who was there and who wasn't. And who should have been there as well as who shouldn't. The "who?" has been quickly replaced by the "why?". So, in the "who?" we have to mention names like Eden Clark, Jourdan Dunn, Georgina Stojilkovic and, of course, Natalia Chabanenko. In the "why?" let's say the first names... [Lire la suite]