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Wild Water

        Lena Hardt @ Joy (Milan) Taking a short break from New York fashion week's frenzy, let's stop running and rushing for a couple hour and check out what's new in our favorite glossy pages. Amica was among the first one that crossed our minds (and eyes) when we started looking for other inspirations than shows and backstage atmosphere. And, once again, the italian magazine didn't fail to impress and confirm it's rock-solid position as one of the most interesting place to start for a newcomer. This month, it's... [Lire la suite]
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Release The Butterfly

    Merethe Hopland @ Joy (Milan), Modelwerk (Hamburg), Elite (London) Sometimes, you know, we are tired of looking like this, you know. Doing what we do, the way we do it. We all need a breathe (or a breeze?) of fresh air to re-energize ourselves and get the necessary strength to move on to new horizons. It often takes a kick, a thrill or whatever (leaving you the choice of the vocable here) to look to the future. Getting back on tracks, back to basics yet never looking back without denying what the legacy of... [Lire la suite]
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The Third Girl

      Siri Crafoord @ Joy (Milan) Just the way we said yesterday, it shouldn't take too much time before Joy updates us on the third girl in Amica's casting. If you took a close look at the previous set of pictures, you might have noticed the name Siri is mentioned on some pages so here comes Siri. But neither Siri Tollerod (also with Joy) nor Siri Laude (with Modelwerk). Siri Crafoord, from Mikas in Stockholm and signed with Viva as well. Meet the third girl, who deserved her spot here and much as her two co-stars of... [Lire la suite]
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Kristin Schoening & Charlotte Nolting @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), Joy (Milan) Am...azing Amica! They did it again, new issue is released with its usual bonus-editorial being no other than a new Casting lineup including two girls on the rise from Modelwerk, both signed with Joy Milan. We already heard Charlotte Nolting, featured her a few weeks ago, was about to get some major editorial coverage and it's starting here and now in Amica, shot by Van Mossevelde + N. And what a good surprise to seeshe shares the spotlights with... [Lire la suite]
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On a Perfect Day

    Charlotte @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) On a perfect day with a perfect book. Spring all the way, sun and sweet weather. We got a mini-book with all of Charlotte's works to date but were busy in Paris at that time. Since we're back we had to take time (not easy) to review all we've missed during our trip and Charlotte surely deserved a complete entry for her alone. No less and you'll see why, in pictures. So, let's just drop a few words on who she is, where she's heading to and why we love her look that much. First of all, take... [Lire la suite]
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Die gleichen Lieder

    Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan) Same old songs ? Sometimes. Same old reactions towards Toni Garrn's editorial performances (here by Camilla Akrans for latest German Vogue) can be read all over the internet. Lack of expressions, not enough energy or whatever, there is always something to be criticized in a model's career or book and Toni's success surely brought its full batch of negative comments as well. If we often consider critics as useless or pointless - especially when it turns into repetitive negativity, those against... [Lire la suite]
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No Face, No Name, No Twitter

    Marloes Horst @ Joy (Milan), Next (NY, Paris, London), Ulla (The Netherlands) After ten days spent under another sky (or let's better say under other skies), first things we saw while turning on our good-old and delightfully slow computer are some brand new covers. December issues. Holidays pre-taste (and pretexts) or new year/new vibe concepts are making a few waves around us. Or in front of us, right in our eyes. Right in the target ? We guess not. We won't have to spend too much lines explaining that we... [Lire la suite]
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Waiting for the Start (Again)

Anemone @ AM Model Management (Germany) The wheels are turning, faster and faster. The machine is on and unstoppable like the wind. Like time. Summer months are always slower and it makes September looking even faster while it goes already fast enough to make it hard to follow. Keeping track of the best ones becomes an every-minute work, eyes are set in high-speed mode and we all have to get ready for the most unexpected moves. Latest one of that kind was Anemone's return. She's back on tracks and hopefully back for good,... [Lire la suite]
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      Paulina Klimek @ Eastern (Poland) It was a sunny day in Warsaw but Paulina probably doesn't care at the moment. She's just arrived in Milan and found her home at Joy Models there. Good pick as she simply looks like a joyful girl (not kidding, despite a slight slice of melancholy in some of her expressions). It's not the first time we feature her twice on our page and we keep thinking it's not about to stop. We remember her first polas and tests, rather shy-looking then her second batch of snaps where the... [Lire la suite]
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Here comes Hanna

      Hanna Samokhina @ Joy (Milan) The natural eye-catcher. You don't need more than a few seconds to notice her if you check Joy's latest new faces in town and it take only a few more seconds to love her look. She's Hanna Samokhina, she's photogenic, she's stunning. Meet the sunner, feel the power. Dark blond hair and deep blue eyes, a true love-story with the camera and so much charisma from her polas to the most elaborated test shot. A twist of melancholy and a slightly distant gaze bring her the extra classy... [Lire la suite]
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