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Serious -> Playful

    Ieva @ New York Models (NY) We promised you a short update on Ieva again right after we posted some polaroids freshly taken in New York and the opportunity might have arrived today. New book on its way starting with test shots by photographer William Lords. The whole series would be worth publishing but we thought (again) some carefully select outtakes might have a better impact. Or would at least appear as a stronger statement. Remember the last words of our previous entry on Ieva and how the serious young lady on the... [Lire la suite]
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In Tune

      Ieva @ New York Models (NY) Ieva from Joy Star System in Latvia, now in town with New York Models. We felt we've got to dedicate another post to Ieva and believe us, there are many more reasons to do so than keeping track of her young career (see our previous ones here and there). We might not reveal all of them tonight, as a little surprise effect is always welcome and more fantastic materials are on her way but we thought a quick update to highlight her arrival in New York is warmly welcome and her first... [Lire la suite]
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Swing Steps

        Ieva Marija @ Premier (London) Freshly made polaroids (last Thursday to be correct) and currently on stay in London. Two tiny bits of sentence to describe the situation and explain why another feature on the lovely Ieva Marija. As if it would need any explanation but it's always nice to remember the context to understand the evolution of a model's career, may it be the first steps (or second steps for that matter). Launched on the international modeling scene by Joy Star System, from Latvia -- but you... [Lire la suite]
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On and On, All in All

Lais Ribeiro @ Joy Star System, Joy Model Management (Sao Paulo), Women Management (NY) Finally. We have our opportunity to drop a few lines on Lais Ribeiro. We were watching her, day in day out since she appeared at her mother agency, Joy Star System. Obvious beauty, too striking not to get noticed in a glimpse yet seemed to came out of nowhere. So quick, so unexpected and so expectable at the same time as great debuts can be. We just had enough time to think of featuring her and she was already signed with Women, New York. And... [Lire la suite]

The Supreme Series, Part Two: Ieva

        Ieva Laguna @ Supreme (NY) Let's talk about mutual benefits or perfect match, Ieva Laguna is definitely the most natural addition to Supreme's new lineup both for her sleek features and the range of jobs she's used to. Getting a nice response on the editorial market, gathering a nice amount of campaigns already with more stuff on its way, the latvian beauty (from Joy Star System, Riga) made her marks with flawless seasons that actually translates into further results. 5'10 and probably a good example of... [Lire la suite]