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Juju Ivanyuk @ NYMM She may agree with anyone who says great things take time to happen... Juju spotted all smiles not long after opening and closing BCBG show.
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Great Things Take Time (And Happen)

Juju @ Nathalie (Paris) So long. We've been waiting and this might be the corollary of all our updates today. Slow and steady win the race, again. From upper level London shows to top Paris exposure, Juju Ivanyuk has been on our radar since day one and it's with a huge pleasure that we drop a few more lines tonight. Watching, waiting and seeing it happening, at last. Isn't this fabulous in the end? Patience is gold, more than ever this season when long time favorites like Nathalie's Juju (also signed with d'Management in... [Lire la suite]
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Morning dews and disco lights: Juju makes our days and nights (short dance mix)

Juju Ivanyuk @ Nathalie (Paris) We said she makes our days and nights, actually it's even more appropriate at the mintue. Twilight, snoflakes and old-school music. Getting loud. Emergencies on every front and the season is just officially beginning. Disco lights then morning dews. Gettin uptempo. Can't get Juju out of our heads. Just Lexposed.
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Yesterday was too early...

  If tomorrow is always too late, yesterday was sometimes too early. For a whole team of models, this was reality one or two years ago when they began their career. They just didn't hit the top as fast as many others but didn't fade away and their potential remains intact. And ready for now and tomorrow. They're girls like Danguole Stancikaite who  got attention from almost any wise and wild pair of worthy eyes in the fashion industry but still counts among the mysterious names. Maybe not for long, she recently shot a... [Lire la suite]
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