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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Focus on Charlotte, WM the Blog

    Charlotte Bruge @ WM (Paris) Were in a mood for classic beauties even before starting our blog-roundtrip of this morning but "Focus on Charlotte" on WM's blog certainly helped to make our decision to dedicate this Thursday to sleek features and figures, to the classical side of modeling and the classy vibe of the girls playing in this league.With a look that reminded us both of European beauties' timeless class and the gently superannuated appeal of silver screen muses. Epic, aristocratic or casual vibe... Charlotte... [Lire la suite]
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Hamburg - Paris

Theresa Genth @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), WM (Paris) From Hamburg to Paris via NY and back with a much lighter and natural shade of red. Our favorite strawberry-blonde from Germany and beyond who impressed us for her laid-back looks and crazy sense of style has finally an opportunity to go her way in the City of Lights. And we might have another opportunity to meet with Theresa Genth, crossing our fingers for this to happen if our respective schedules allow it. Just got these two panoramic pola-sheets made of WM's signature digitals and... [Lire la suite]
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Une Mandarina à Paris

      Oana Timerman @ WM (Paris) Not the first time we feature Oana here but so far it was from a romanian point of view. French now, as she recently arrived in Paris, managed by WM and building her book to be fine ready for the shows -- very soon, isn't it ? Our initial plans were to feature another girl who just arrived in town but Oana is Oana (and is 5'9"5 FYI) and as one of our favorites from Mandarina Models it was quite not possible to wait. Our title is a little mistaking, though. There is actually more... [Lire la suite]
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We know what you did last Summer

Hanna Samokhina @ Just WM (Paris) First time we dropped a few words on Hanna Samokhina was last Summer, July exactly if our memories aren't just getting as crazy as us. "Hanna the allrounder" which was supposed to highlight some extreme versatility balanced by quite an unforgettable look, halfway between viscerally unusual and purely gorgeous. Quite a mix, right ? Hanna is more than a formula, though. You can have a perfect mixture of features, it wouldn't work so well without a touch of unexplainable charm. Latest... [Lire la suite]
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Laura Schuller @ Just WM (Paris) A red-haired model who loves coffee, languages and vegetarian cuisine ? Exactly who we'd love to feature and exactly who we're featuring right now. Laura Schuller: curly copper locks and delicate freckles, a playful attitude in front of the camera that balances a slightly classic beauty type and a gorgeous 5'9 silhouette. There is a subtle touch of mystery around the newest redhead to sign with an agency in Paris (with WM) and even if we tell you all we know, we bet you wouldn't discover... [Lire la suite]
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Acting in English

  Gaia Weiss @ Just WM (Paris) Born and raised in Paris with French and Polish roots, Gaia seems to be another of those precious discoveries that only Eskimo knows how to find. Another one and another completely different one, with a lovely story behind her modeling career and a look that playfully goes back and forth between classic and rock'n'roll. It becomes even more interesting when you know both are heavily related, her look starts where her story brought her when she fell in love with London after being a perennial... [Lire la suite]
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Ungaro Girl

Jovana Culjkovic @ Just WM (Paris) She's seventeen and 5'11 (180), she's Jovana at WM and... she's the mysterious newbie who walked for Ungaro Spring Summer 2010 one month ago. Remember the elegant silhouette, the aura of mystery, the soft dark vibe of her look ? We can't imagine you forgot but, in case, you still can fall in love seeing her polas from Paris. Laid-back yet still dramatic - deep green eyes with a touch of sweet melancholy, Jovana got quite a coveted spot for a start but we believe she's already more than a... [Lire la suite]
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Seven Reasons and Only One Elena

      Elena Ivanova @ Just WM (Paris) First: we weren't at Givenchy show. Second: we had amazing meetings and the loveliest dinner of the week instead. Third: the casting at Givenchy was so great it's a bit heartbreaking to think we've missed it but still love our meetings and dinner, no regrets. Fourth: Ranya Mordanova and Johanna Kneppers were both stunning there and that's good news. Fifth: Antonella Graef looked better than ever when she opened again. Sixth: we're inlove with Nastya Karzan's moody expression, so... [Lire la suite]
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Just WM's

  Dijana Radetic @ Just WM (Paris) Another fashion week is starting again right now and the international focus moved from Milan to Paris. Good girls too but the ones we're highly interested in today aren't the same who took the plane and arrived overnight. While everybody is waiting for his favorites, we're just glad to introduced the unexpected newbies. Just WM's formula proved it works last season when Johanna Kneppers caught eyes and attention at Balenciaga. The relentless hunt for fresh faces who will do more than impress... [Lire la suite]

Just Jaine

    Jaine Schuh @ Eskimo (Brazil), Elite (NY), Just WM (Paris) There is something about Jaine's look that is maybe not going to catch your eyes at first sight. You'll be fully aware of the limitless potential here only once you have the opportunity to take a deeper look at her book. See how she morphs into another character for almost every single picture. Almost classic, always classy. Chameleons have never been as charming as these days. Delicately suntanned and delightfully subtle in the way she pulls out emotion... [Lire la suite]
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