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Karina @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Could be another story relating the latest facts in Karina's development process, could be another entry on Image Discovery's scouting skills. But this is one and a bit of both, after all, provided these pictures tell enough on how far Karina can go when you put her in "actual modeling situations" and then testify it took a good eye to find that one. But that's not the heart of our topic today. To make it short on the prosaic facts around this story, Karina has been working hard on her... [Lire la suite]
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Ukrainian Tales

Inni @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Next chapter of Image Discovery's story looks like a ukrainian tale or let's say two different short stories. First roles went to Karina and Inni with our one and only Venya Brykalin behind the camera. No princesses and no monsters in this tale, no fairies and no worries. And a big bit of everything mixed in a fake randomness. It looks like pure polas, it just a little more. The styling makes the picture, not the size of the camera. And the moment tells the story. Inni already enjoyed a test not so... [Lire la suite]
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