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Days Should Be Nights

    Tabea @ IMG (NY) Some days should rather be nights. Don't know how to explain it and have no real clue how to make this happen. Shall we just not get up on these warm mornings and only work from 8pm ? Suitable option, unfortunately didn't made this decision when the alarm clock rang today. This current heatwave won't kill our inspiration too, makes us slower of course but doesn't attack the core -- eyes and brains, only the overall speed decreased since last week. Strange atmopshere but great photography will always be... [Lire la suite]
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Bitten by a Tiger-Lily

        Lia Serge @ Avant (Moscow), Elite (NY), Elite (Paris) Made sense to us to publish a post on Karl Rothenberger's work today, right after our extended feature on Kristiina's coverage. After all, Karl's pictures were among the first ones to teach us the importance of a great aesthetic when it comes to backstage materials. His collection of fashion week shots shows how important it is to treat each as a scene and the whole as an atmosphere. Was for the artistic side, for the model agent-point of view it's... [Lire la suite]
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