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My Secret Lover

Rasa Zukauskaite & Karmen Pedaru @ Next She's undercover. Well, in this story Rasa's hiding a bit in Karmen's shadows but in real life (runway life to be honest), she's far from hiding at all. Only girl having two spreads here today, Numéro and Another Magazine and working out both so brilliantly, you wouldn't even guess the girl is just making her first steps in high fashion. Prada video, Love video, several coveted catwalks... the list gets longer and the love gets strong. Everyday. She may appear as quite shy or even... [Lire la suite]
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Bradford is Blogging: Wake-Up with Make-Up

Ranya Mordanova @ Supreme (NY) New York fashion week is already over, last shows took place last night (Paris time) and the frenzy should slow down in town and cross the ocean to hit London (already done). Good surprises, less good surprises, little fashion shocks and good moments following the whole thing from here that might turn into sweet memories, especially as we take care of our soundtrack as well. Won't reveal the beat, though, apart from heartbeats maybe. One thing is sure, this morning we woke up with make-up while... [Lire la suite]

Beauties and Beasts

        Charlotte Hoyer @ IMG, Karmen Pedaru @ Next They are among the most interesting faces of the recent seasons. Each in her own way, each in a very strong way and here they join their forces in the same editorial in 10 magazine. For the best, for sure. They seem to work well together with their unqiue, quirky smiles and very personal ways to pose. On a white background to highlight it a little more. We suddenly have a quick thought for the Beauty and the Beast, thinking that it might a remake of the story... [Lire la suite]
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Behind the clouds

 Karmen Pedaru @ Next We just talked about development. And how long it could take to build a correct portfolio, how long it could be to see a model reaching a better spot. For various reasons. Some careers are starting off faster as you would have thought, some others just much slower as you could expect. Numerous parameters.Karmen Pedaru is striking and has always been but her career wasn't as fast as let's say Karlie Kloss who shares this editorial (from Numéro, by Greg Kadel) with her and... Abbey-Lee Kershaw and Georgina... [Lire la suite]
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