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Bubble Stories

      Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Some days you wake up and can't avoid the truth, the need to be honest with yourself. Facing reality or some kind of, bad sides and good sides and everything in between. The other morning the first word that crossed our minds was promises. Yeah, you promised me. How many times we heard about "promising new faces" or whatever that could describe bright future and high hopes. Hope should always be around when some agent (may he be mother agent or even the star of worldwide booking... [Lire la suite]
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Back on Tracks

Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Summer = slower, somehow. But don't imagine we were on vacations till now, we had actually no hole in our schedule for more than a week. So, if indeed Summer is usually slighlty slower or less busy, slighltly more silent or less noisy, we're back on tracks and back for good. No clue on the rythm of the blog for the next six weeks but we're preparing a couple of very nice surprises. Summer special of usual stuff, if anything can be called usual in a modeling world that barely allows you to have habits for... [Lire la suite]
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Who's next at Next ?

 Alek  Hanna  Kasia  Pinkie    Anastasia Let's say this is the next round of our wish-list for NY shows to come. Again, we still don't have any info regarding Next package and their website is still under construction. But we've selected some promising faces all over the last months. We've already introduced girls like Arizona, Marta, Alisa or our flame-haired beauty Anna Arendshorst, we'll take a closer look to the other ones we love right now. First there is Alek, huge favorite since last... [Lire la suite]
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2 Kasia in 1 editorial

I was talking about Polish jewels a few times ago, introducing the striking Kasia Kniola.She's in an ed with another cutie called Kasia and all I can say is that it just rocks ! The combo, joined by Marysia Mnich also appears on the cover of A4, a Polish mag that seems pretty nice.Well, if my heart belongs to Kniola, there is certainly a place for a third Kasia among my favorite models (including the stunning Kasia Struss). Warm welcome to Kasia Wrobel So, ready for the next Kasia ?       * male model is... [Lire la suite]
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