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AnOther bottle of Chablis

by Craig McDean, styled by Katie Shillingford for AnOther Elegance and truth, no uneeded extravagance, various, pretty and effective styles and stylings that perfectly suits each model. Diversity adding life to the cast,various horizons, different dreams. This is kind of what I wish to see on the streets. This idea. This way to dress. A suitable way to dress. Look at the last picture, it's just phenomenal.Elegance doesn't rhyme with chic or BCBG (Bon chic bon genre), you can be Grunge, Punk, Gothic or whatever, elegance... [Lire la suite]

These Moments in Between

      Ieva Laguna @ Premier (London) and Charlotte Di Calypso @ One (NY) One of these moments in a season you don't know where to look at. Shall we enjoy the present and analyse the castings show after show, day by day or shall we focus on London already ? We went for a mixed approach as you can see from our latest posts. Reports on New York and introducing the fresh crop just arrived on the other side of the ocean. Getting stuck to the one or the other would be a tragedy for everyone excited about both the unknown... [Lire la suite]
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The colour we're dreaming of

Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY, Paris & Milan), Storm (London) Where was she in the middle of the fashion week in Paris ? Keep your imagination running wild and think of a shooting. Was for Dazed & Confused, by Matt Irwin and styled by Katie Shillingford. We couldn't have guessed it would be plenty of animal prints with flamingos à gogo. The only thing we were already sure is that it was going to be another pure Viktoriya moment. With her unique expressions and her playful, natural way to bring some movement even in... [Lire la suite]