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Never Hide

    Veerle @ Bloom (The Netherlands) We could talk about faces but somehow strategies offer more opportunity to write and discuss. And everytime we drop a line on Bloom Management, the young Dutch boutique, a few words on the strategy behind the agency is the very best part. You've got to read it when we first featured Daphne and had another slice of the story when came the two posts we did on Rosanne. And key-word remainds the same: precision. Miles away from randomness in management you could find in bigger firms (and... [Lire la suite]
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New Kind

      Rosanne @ Bloom Management (The Netherlands) Were speaking with a mother agent about new faces in the world (and the crazy world of new faces) yesterday. Could have held the convo forever, could have gone through all the details and almost did so. Much to say, not much left to see. Because this is the issue these days: we've seen it all. Seen them all. Been there, done that and that's it. Close the book and move on? Or try some parallel line, go down the alternative road? The latter could be the better. There is... [Lire la suite]
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