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Emma Dumont @ Ford (NY) We closed last week with Emma and start this one with her again. Going round but tuned for the future, might be the mood of the day. First thing, we believed it was quite useful and lovely to show how the cute and ethereal Emma can turn into a sophisticated model with a little (and a little only) styling. Sleek black and white allows us to put our finger on another side of her potential while she proved her best asset is definitely this delicate fagile look, which doesn't fade away once seen through another... [Lire la suite]
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Ford Finale in the Baltics: 48 Hours and 5 Winners

Megija Twenty four hours to come and twenty four hours tomorrow to go back to full-time blogging. Fourty eight hours with a lot of action in between. Riga was supposed to be a cold place at this time of the year but we only have hot news. Ford Supermodel of World's finale for Baltic countries took place less than two days ago and the winners are just as impressive as the contest's name. Five girls were selected for the World Finale in Sao Paulo but all the contestants are actually worth a few lines. So, we're going to make it in two... [Lire la suite]
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