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Katya Kulyzhka @ Premier (London) We hate changing our plans for the wrong reason but just give us an excellent one and we undo/re-do the whole schedule, stop all we were doing and rush ahead to the next topic. This afternoon came Katya's freshly made polaroids after she arrived in London yesterday. Every agency she signed with sent us some of her materials so far (Major Paris, Women Milan, Women Direct NY) but Premier's super-styled are above any piece of her portfolio we've seen. Coolness from head to toe, leather outfit plus... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 10: Katya

    Katya Kulyzhka @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Milan) Here comes Katya, as promised. One of the newcomers we've been watching relentlessly all the week as the Ukrainian was having her first season ever in New York. Youthful features and a lot of energy quickly became her trademark on runway, poise and playful expressions didn't remain unnoticed as well. Remarkable at United Bamboo, working out the silky headscarf as if she were born with it (her eyes got even more prominent that way and the sweet yet fierce gaze of hers... [Lire la suite]
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Bradford is Blogging: Wake-Up with Make-Up

Ranya Mordanova @ Supreme (NY) New York fashion week is already over, last shows took place last night (Paris time) and the frenzy should slow down in town and cross the ocean to hit London (already done). Good surprises, less good surprises, little fashion shocks and good moments following the whole thing from here that might turn into sweet memories, especially as we take care of our soundtrack as well. Won't reveal the beat, though, apart from heartbeats maybe. One thing is sure, this morning we woke up with make-up while... [Lire la suite]

I or Y, DIY

  Katia Kulyzhka @ Women (Milan) She looks more mature or less childish but hasn't lost anything of that fresh vibe of her debuts. Katia still radiates. Shining and glowing. Good vibrations. Our living doll has improved her palette of expressions and emotions but remains über-impish on every single shot. She already graced a few pages in a recent issue of Jalouse dedicated to DIY fashion and a couple of catwalks in Paris. 5'8"5 and forever cute, the Ukrainian from Vo! Models in Kiev (home of Naty, Polina, Oxana...) is... [Lire la suite]
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Baby Jealousy

Katya @ Major (Paris) She looks like she ran away from a dollhouse but this doll is far from dull and full of life. We already had a preview with her first tests from Paris and even saw her on the runway at Devastée FW 09-10 at the beginning of this month. Now we have a proper idea of how she looks like in editorials as well with her brand new story in Jalouse by Hugues Laurent spreading some cuteness in motion all over the white background. The issue is all about home made and DIY, perfect for Katya's hand-made... [Lire la suite]
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