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The Keke-Effect

  Keke @ Wilhelmina (NY) Time to have another look at Keke, Wilhelmina's girl who caught the fashion girl by storm this season. After some sensational debuts in New York at the beginning of the month, she keeps the level sky high in Milan (with Elite) adding a few of the most coveted shows on her booking-list. We were first informed that she walked Prada at the end of last week. We were also told we should better wait till the end to drop a few more lines. For obvious reasons. What will be will be and Keke walked another bunch... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 8: Keke

      Keke @ Wilhelmina (NY) She made her marks first with her incredible showcard. Simple concept that went straight to the point: a fab face and a sporty, leggy, slender silhouette. The editorial kind with the runway legs and the magic could start. And actually started at Rag & Bone while the brand was having its best casting in seasons. Sleek and special then highly surprising. Since that moment, we wrote down Keke's name on our potential TMSRRE-girls list. To be completely honest, her face is too... [Lire la suite]
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