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Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

    Stella Maxwell @ Viva (Paris) You might be used to our features on Amica's Casting series but now we're all about Dedicate's story dedicated to fresh faces in Paris shot by Alexandre Brunet, a photographer we discovered during fashion week. We loved his work, his vision, goals and, more than anything else, the way he talks about his favorite models. A new way to see models as muses from Freja Beha Erichsen who might have played a serious role in building his aesthetic and training his eye to Stella Maxwell just... [Lire la suite]

A Subtle Wind of Coolness

      Kinga Lukomska @ FM (London) Who doesn't run in NY next work has to rush to London. If there is no specific plan in Milan or Paris, indeed. So, good girls are slowly starting to land in british agencies now and the first nice surprises are already in town. Among them is Kinga Lukomska, big-time all-time favorite of ours and muse of photographer Sarah Moon. Kinga's got this amazing ability to refresh her look forever, making each appearance a little different from the previous one. This time we're falling for... [Lire la suite]
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Kinga L...

Kinga Lukomska @ SPP (Poland) Here comes Kinga again. Not only here by the way. She's currently in Barcelona, with Traffic Models. She's also in the latest issue of Acne Paper in a story shot by Sarah Moon. Yes, again. She already worked with her for various other magazines and for Wunderkind's campaigns (Spring Summer 09 and Fall Winter 08-09). So, what's next and what's new? Hard to tell right now and we just told you the latest news. Some plans for sure and her future is taking shape little by little. Step by step like the... [Lire la suite]
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Weirdly Sensual, part 1: the Ingredients and the Image

       Isa & Emma Karlsson, Antonella Graef, Isa & Loulou Kamp, Kersti Pohlak, Kinga Lukthanks to OlgaKorbut (1st row), Kokobombon (2nd and 3rd row) and OhJane (4th and 5th row) for the pictures What if the border between weird and sensual was smaller than ever ? If both were closer than we would ever imagine and would get on well brilliantly ? What if the next generation of models, or simply an upcoming team of fresh faces were both very weird with an unexpected sensuality ? Weirdly sensual... [Lire la suite]
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     models: Elaine Kenny & Rebecca in Jalouse     Mirka Michlikova, Courtney Smerski & Claudia Seiler in Wonderland       Kinga Luk & Anais Pontier in Biba  Toni Garrn in Allure    George in Wonderland      Katie Braatvedt in - unreleased yet - Vogue Australia feb'08 May these pictures fit for wonderful holidays to end 2007 and may they be an inspiration for 2008. Last press news of the year include Daria... [Lire la suite]