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Riding on Cloud Number Nine

        Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY), Major (Paris) The nineties. The decade we lived without living them for real, just passing by and keeping a few lost memories we're not sure they're really ours. The legends and lost loves from the nineties... Jonathan Leder had the good idea again to send us his latest pieces she shot with another of our favorite girls, Kristy Kaurova who reminds him of the nineties vibes. Something we see without seeing it, depending on which nineties we're talking about. Whatever, we love... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 9: Kristy

Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY) Here is what we wrote in case it happens. Wanted to write something on Kristy again for so long it seems. Since these colorful pictures (ethereal Kristy going through pastels and bold touches) and since we met her on a Summer evening in Paris (also with Major). Wanted to write. When we heard she was in town for the shows this season, we thought the opportunity was sooner than ever and requested some digitals as fast as we could. Major sent us a couple including that gorgeous one above. Jaw dropping. Then... [Lire la suite]
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Kristy loves to hunt

Kristy Kaurova @ Major (Paris), MD Management (Hamburg) Was snowing this morning when we went to Germany to buy the latest issue of Material Girl, a magazine we buy almost every issue. Almost eyes-closed. Always featuring interesting new faces, latest cover was Nyok and this issue's cover-girl is no other than Kristy Kaurova above. We remember her steps on couture catwalks in july and the tests in her portfolio were the exactly the kind that makes us beg for more. Here's more by Dirk Bader, styled by Nini Gollong, ... [Lire la suite]
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