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Wild Water

        Lena Hardt @ Joy (Milan) Taking a short break from New York fashion week's frenzy, let's stop running and rushing for a couple hour and check out what's new in our favorite glossy pages. Amica was among the first one that crossed our minds (and eyes) when we started looking for other inspirations than shows and backstage atmosphere. And, once again, the italian magazine didn't fail to impress and confirm it's rock-solid position as one of the most interesting place to start for a newcomer. This month, it's... [Lire la suite]
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Oh Girls, They Wanna Have Fun!

    Lena Hardt @ AM Model Management (Germany) Happy rainy Monday everybody! Back from quite an inspired weekend and back with one of the only new faces we've introduced this Summer: Lena Hardt, the already highly talked-about newcomer from AM Model Management in Germany that seems to take her first steps quite seriously with this new batch of tests by Eva Baales. No place for hair-controversy, though, it is pure styling and Lena is already back to her brilliant everyday look that has caught so many eyes. If there is... [Lire la suite]
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Hey, Lena!

      Lena Hardt @ AM Model Management (Germany) It's quite an awesome feeling to be back on track, especially when it's for good reasons and this day would be complete without a brand new girl as the cherry on the top. Not going for new faces for the sake of having something new to show on FDIB, but always willing to be jump on the most exciting opportunities. So here we go and there she goes, Lena Hardt from the most intriguing and most precious German boutique at the moment: AM Model Management.     It's... [Lire la suite]
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