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Always Like The First Time

      Vita @ Cherie Models (Russia) When we started FDIB almost five years ago, we didn't know where we were heading to and even today we don't know what the future of this page will bring. To be true we had no plans, no clear goals about the way things should turn and no aim to rock the bank with it (and still have none of these three in mind). When agencies started to contact us regarding our work, this was almost a huge surprise as this wasn't planned as well but took this opportunity to add some specific contents... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Yana !

        Yana Sotnikova @ Avant (Russia) Here we go, finally. Full-frontal introduction of Yana Sotnikova, our beloved newcomer from Avant Moscow who just signed with Women Milan. We previewed Yana at the end of last week with a few mysterious shots by Nikita Manin, suggesting a magical bone structure. Now, the new batch of tests by Lev Efimov is totally unveiling the powerful cheekbones, olive-green eyes and classic features of the 5'11 (180) young lady...     ... and truth is you can observe her... [Lire la suite]
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This Perpetual Twinkle in her Eyes

Irina Mastikhina @ Avant (Russia) Perennial favorite and forever fresh, Irina Mastikhina (Avant's darling recently signed with Silent Paris, by the way) has this incredible talent for reinvinting herself shoot after shoot, test after editorial. True chameleon jumping from one mood to the other in front of Lev Efimov's camera, playing with the atmosphere like an impish kid with his toys. That's maybe where the strength comes from, an endlessly playful attitude that allows her to give hundred percent of herself to her... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sofia !

        Sofia Lomyga @ Avant (Russia) Sleek and strong beauty plus dark coffee are the two ingredients of great mornings. This Tuesday has already started right with Sofia Lomyga, one of the latest stunners from Avant Models. We've been working on her topic late at night yesterday and finally came with this little medley of polaroids and tests by Lev Efimov, ready to show as soon as we open our eyes. She's not only the freshest but also one of the younger (15-years-old) at the agency right now, hence we... [Lire la suite]
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Paris is calling: SOS for Lia

    Lia Serge @ Avant (Russia), Elite (Paris), Trump (NY) One of our favorite models from Avant Models in Moscow (and we can swear you we've got dozens of darlings there) is ready for/in Paris, with Elite Model Management (second Elite girl today, cheers). Lia Serge is the right face on the right body but the right face would already be enough to describe her striking potential. Feline gaze and super-stunning jaws are the perfect formula and it shows again on her tests by Lev Efimov. She also shows how playful she can... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sava !

  Sava @ Avant (Russia) She's the latest little jewel from Avant Models in Moscow (for those who still don't know, the mother agency of Ranya Mordanova and Yulia Kharlapanova among many others) and she's one of the most stunning new faces we've been allowed to see lately. Sava is just 14 but already 5'8 (174) which means we can expect a few more centimeters in a near future. Found by photographer Lev Efimov who shot her first tests above, she's got this little extra we always love with newbies: the innate knowledge of... [Lire la suite]
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