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Urban Dreams

  Ali Carr, Lauren Brown, Lia Serge, Emily Wake and Lisanne De Jong @ Elite (NY) Alley Cats or Cats' Alley? Hard to know how the actual title of this editorial from newest Dazed & Confused sounds better. Or more appropriate. What is the most important detail: how these girls melt into the beautiful rainy urban landscape or how their presence turns a familiar-looking place into some unknown wonderland. The real magic might be in between, in the interaction between the characters and the atmosphere they evolve in. In... [Lire la suite]

Meet Lisanne !

  Lisanne De Jong @ Joy (Milan) She's Dutch, she's 18, she's 5'10"5 and newly signed with Joy who just brought the career of another dutch girl - Marloes Horst - at a higher level a few weeks ago in Milan when she did Prada. After ten days in Paris and only a few opportunity to post very new faces here, you can imagine we're pretty glad to introduce Lisanne tonight. It's been too long we didn't write something starting with "Meet..." and the opportunity is pretty awesome. Strong features, almost a fierce look and the right... [Lire la suite]
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