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Meet Katie !

Katie @ Liz Bell (Canada) After Tara's Couture coup at Chanel in July and the making of Megan by Gilad Sasporta, another highly promising girl from Liz Bell Agency gets her spot here. Katie, 15-years-old and no less than 5'10 (178), already capturing some serious international attention from good eyes here and there. What makes her stand out from the crowd ? Delicate and pristine features for sure. But also count on her slightly bedhead-on-purpose, gorgeous auburn hair, olive-green eyes and some innate poise from polas to tests.... [Lire la suite]
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Seriously Smells like September

Megan Jones @ Marilyn (Paris) The difference between a few pictures and a movie probably comes from the way photography can bring old atmospheres from a long-gone era back to life. Pictures are static but tells a lot more about the character pictured than words and motions together. It's a magic or a mystery even if the process (press the button, capture, put on paper then let the viewer watch) is well-known and most likely the same each time it happens. Back to the heart of our topic, of our day and beyond, cute blondes... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Darya !

    Darya @ Liz Bell (Canada) We noticed Darya for the first time a little while ago, same moment as Tuesday, our other favorite stunner from Liz Bell Agency in Canada. We gave her a little more time, though and thought it was better to gather enough material to show what her potential truly looks like. And we knew we were right when we saw her latest pictures. The most interesting is how she can morph into a character. How innocent and harmless she seems on her digitals then how fierce and charismatic in front of the... [Lire la suite]
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Chaneling Energies

Tara Jean @ Liz Bell (Canada), Major (Paris) Paris Couture fashion week seemed (and actually was) slighlty lighter than usual and went faster than ever but it was honestly one of the most interesting one regarding the new faces who popped up there. Several high level shows had their newcomer(s) and Chanel has a few surprises to show this time. Our two favorites might be Nastasia Ohl and Tara Jean. We're going to focus quickly on the second one. From Liz Bell Agency in Canada (a great source of stunners if you remember girls... [Lire la suite]
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