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Lizzy on the List

        Lizzy Burden @ Supreme (NY) Okay, it's not Monday but it seems so. Yesterday was a holiday in France and seemed like a Sunday. Or not exactly. Quite difficult these days to name the day, if you've ever experienced the feeling (well, french people should be used to it as wolrdwide champions of holidays). So, yesterday would have been a real Sunday if the rest of the world wasn't working and agencies weren't updating us on what's going where people don't spend free time in the sun. That was for the little... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Eddie (Vogue Dot Eye Tea)

Edie Campbell @ Joy (Milan) certainly makes you love London but we're talking about Vogue Italia. Just got a notice from Joy Milan this afternoon that said Edie Campbell was featured on Vogue Italia's website (simply type and there you go!). A pretty portrait we took time to read on a busy day and even spend some extra twenty minutes to discover the whole site. In depth. Already went there and already liked, now we can say we love it. To describe briefly the entry on Edie, you'll learn there how she got caught in the... [Lire la suite]
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