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Meet Nina !

      Nina @ Love Model Management (Argentina) It took five seconds or so to lovely Nina to capture our attention among the newbies from Love Management in Argentina. She's only 5'8 (174) but it didn't matter much - listen to your heart and keep her face in mind. Delicate freckles, light blue-grey eyes and this touch of freshness we always love, the 16-years-old was discovered only two months ago and already shot for Harper's Bazaar (Latin American edition). We couldn't keep her undercover any longer. We love her... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sol !

      Sol @ Love Model Management (Argentina) She's called Sol and she's got the look. She's got this incredible gaze as well. Half impish, half melancholic. She's got this curly hair and expressions of her own. She knows how to poses even if she has just started modeling in February with Love Model Management in Buenos Aires, an argentinian agency you should definitely keep in mind. She's also 5'10 but we guess you read it on her card. What's not written is that she's sixteen. What's not written as well is that... [Lire la suite]
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