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Luana Teifke @ Way (Brazil), One (NY) Crossroads. Between fashion weeks, first of all. Between projects, on a more personal note. Rio, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Menswear collections were the highlights of these last weeks and you know what ? We skipped them all, on different levels. Had no time, weren't in the mood and this trend here isn't going to slow down. Not that we're not interested in watching and analysing shows and their castings but rather that we'd like to cover less and picture more. If this makes sense. So, no Couture... [Lire la suite]
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Luana goes darker...

Luana Teifke @ Marilyn (NY) ... and we're getting more and more excited about her future. It's not that exclusive as you might have seen this polaroids sheet on COACD earlier today (or even yesterday, we discovered it this morning) but when we saw it again in our inbox we thought there was no other way than writing a few lines. Nine views in bright colors. The way she looks, the way she poses. And after being a subtle blonde with dark brows, she's now a delicate brunette. She's the same Luana, just a little different. When the... [Lire la suite]
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Rio Round-up

Rio's fashion week is now reaching the end. Once again, we had a colorful season there. And that's what we like with Rio, the colors, the mixes and the overall energy. Balenciaga, MiuMiu and Versace influences were spotted in a few shows but what's more expected in mixes than some references melting together in the most unexpected ways ? Well it was a good season for Rio and a good way to start the season which will continue with Sao Paulo this week (can't wait for Osklen) then Couture in Paris. Luana Teifke, Karin Adam (by Eric... [Lire la suite]
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