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Just WM's

  Dijana Radetic @ Just WM (Paris) Another fashion week is starting again right now and the international focus moved from Milan to Paris. Good girls too but the ones we're highly interested in today aren't the same who took the plane and arrived overnight. While everybody is waiting for his favorites, we're just glad to introduced the unexpected newbies. Just WM's formula proved it works last season when Johanna Kneppers caught eyes and attention at Balenciaga. The relentless hunt for fresh faces who will do more than impress... [Lire la suite]

Shuffle the Cards again

        Lucia Tresova @ Just WM (Paris) The wind is warm again and the rain is gone, the sun is back between the clouds. It's still August and Summer hasn't moved away but Fall is already kocking at the door bringing the frenzy and excitement of a new season (if not a new ear, we'll see). Lucia Tresova brings back the energy that is sometimes missing during holidays with her fresh polas from Just WM. Tears of joy, Paris wakes up and strikes again. We bet you won't need to feel the spirit of the times any longer,... [Lire la suite]
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