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  Val @ AM Model Management (Germany) We introduced Val a few weeks ago with some gorgeous digitals of hers (right, the girl with the striped top) and promised you a second part with more materials to shed some light on her actual modeling skills. Here we go, Friday afternoon and the weekend coming soon (even if this morning had everything of a Monday morning). Val, 5'9 from Germany, with Russian roots and a geniune love for skateboarding, don't know if we mentioned that before.       Clearly not the random... [Lire la suite]
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In Bed with Heels

        Luisa Bianchin @ Joy (Milan) In bed with heels, quite a beautiful and contrasted picture and a perfect topic on a Sunday morning. Though, we just love people who are working seven days a week and Joy Milan seems to be that kind. We got Luisa's story by Johan Sandberg after brunch today and didn't think more than one minute and half before making out decision to feature it within the afternoon. Short bio on Luisa -- discovered by AM Model Management, german boutique then immediately sent under Joy's very... [Lire la suite]
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Red Alert at AM Model Management

         Luisa Bianchin @ AM Model Management (Germany) Development takes time and needs to be taken step by step. If you really want it, take it slow then keep it rock'n roll. That's exactly the way AM Model Management (also check Aysche, twice) took to handle Luisa's career. She's simply precious as precious can be and need the very best care. The agency from Bergheim, Germany provides it without any doubt from Luisa's international placement to her most recent materials. An update was impossible to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Luisa and much, much more

  Luisa Bianchin @ Joy (Milan) Meet Luisa. Anyone who heard of her, who has seen her pictures or met her in person says the same: Luisa is amazing. It's amazing how people can say amazing so often but it's also amazing how Luisa is amazing for real. Not just amazing, she's really amazing, beyond amazing. Geniune. Discovered by AM Model Management in Germany and is currently in Milan. Enough said... she is our latest Lexposed Face. See more there, read less here.
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