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Tu seras toujours Mon Léon

        Yulia Leontieva @ Silent (Paris), Storm (London), Marilyn (NY), Why Not (Milan) Mags and musics, pages and pitches. That's the way the afternoon went away (already). Started by chance while buying that infamous salmon sandwich for lunch and turned into one of the biggest topic of the year so far. The Editorial Evening. Magazine galore at FDIB and Yulia Leontieva in Lula. Partly because of Yulia in Lula, actually. True to herself -- shy, playful, impish, flirtatious and all of them at the same moment, Yulia... [Lire la suite]
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Countryside, Countrywide ?

  Lindsey Wixson @ Marilyn (NY) Moody pout plus melancholic gaze and endless legs are the first thing you may notice on the runway when Lindsey walks. Vivid and playful attitude is what catch your attention once she goes backstage and the portrait is far from finished. Her book was carefully build with the helping hands (and cameras) of James Mahon or Marilyn's Dean Rodgers among others, capturing every single side of Lindsey's potential but leaving untouched the biggest part of the mystery. We started to discover more of... [Lire la suite]
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The bottle of the genius was full of good wine getting better each season

  Masha Tylena @ Storm (London) Instead of a top ten we have eight pictures of Masha from newest issue of Crash. We haven't seen her walking in the streets of the City of Lights but her editorial was one of the first thing we saw at the bookshop. A random glance and it stood out. Innocence but not only. Masha learnt how to blossom and let express the best of her potential. It took her a little while to give hundred percent of it in her editorial and we had to wait until the hype surrounding her went to down. Call it... [Lire la suite]
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Dreams of tomorrow

Irina Gorban @ One (NY) Another "lil One" in Lula, Irina Gorban is gracing a story by Jesse Shadoan called Dreams of tomorrow. Couldn't have had a better name these days as Irina's career in NY is about to start... almost tomorrow. Editorials are always a shot a few months earlier and nothing was done on purpose. The theme, the mood belongs to the photographer, stylist etc. then it's up to every eye to translate in its own way. We can't help. Such a marvelous timing gives an extra kick of energy right before the shows.... [Lire la suite]
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Vanessa Michels @ One (NY) One of our favorite at One - how would it be possible for her not be among our top new faces there, such a gorgeous and unique redhead ? - is grace the pages of current Lula, in a editorial by Nina Andersson. Called Sweedeedee. Looks like they exactly knew how to capture Vanessa's look. The items and the atmosphere. Now she has a stronger (and stronger) book and a marvelous showcard... We always want more, of course.
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lula magazine

Lula issue 2
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from Lula # 2 by Stacey Mark Model: Helen Feskens[staceymark]
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