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FDIB presents: The Editorial Evening

Ophelie Rupp @ M Management (Paris) Went to the bookstore by chance because the train station is close to the office and they sell good sandwiches. Nice idea but we came back with some even nicer. With all the good stories from good magazines we found lately, with the fashion frenzy on worldwide runways leaving less place for features on new faces, we thought a good big editorial topic would be good. Opening the ball is Ophelie's picture taken from Another Magazine, dressed as a soccer-loving ballerina, shot by Charles Fréger and... [Lire la suite]
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Golden Girl

  Vibeke Hansen @ M Management (Paris) Rising stars from Team Models in Norway strike back this season. Again. With the same power it seems as Jenny Sinkaberg (with IMG) was among the cream of the crop in Paris while Vibeke Hansen is making her marks on the french editorial landscape since she arrived at M Management during Summer. Not as tall as Jenny but highly expressive, vivid in front of the camera wether you ask her to jump, blink or just stand up smiling, she'll deliver what you are in right to expect from her. We... [Lire la suite]
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