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Peerless Princess

        Helen George @ MC2 (NY) No matter if you just call her fantastic like Jonathan Leder (who took her polas above) did or if you go through all the possible superlatives to describe her look, one thing is sure: Helen is one to keep in mind at MC2 this season. Delicate from head to toe with that swan-like silhouette and her natural talent to find the right pose, the true English Rose knew how to add her personal touch to every editorial she was involved in from total cuteness to the most distant moods. A... [Lire la suite]
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Zoom on Zoe (part two)

Zoe Mantzakanis @ MC2 (NY) We always love an unexpected part two to our posts and here comes one of our feature on Zoe. We might have already told everything we had in mind (or maybe that she leaves us speechless), there is always room for more outstanding pictures, especially when they add a little more info on a model's potential. Another side of Zoe by Bradford Gregory, all what we needed and her it is. Another great photographer offers us his version of her looks, another vision and a more complete overview of a portfolio in... [Lire la suite]
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