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Cosmic Green

      Natalia @ ML Studio (Poland) New day, new week, new energy and so on. And new face to start with. Natalia counts among the recent newcomers at ML Studio, the boutique from Szczecin in Poland and her first materials already bear the distinctive mark of the agency. Fresh and youthful yet far from being too green (except the eyes), Natalia can also rely on her 5'10"5 height (179 80-59-87) to make a rather durable impression where she will fly next. Special beauty type combining retro vibes with contemporary look... [Lire la suite]
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Exciting Times (Be Still, My Heart)

      Kamila @ ML Studio (Poland) It was roughly one month ago only, end of September just before we left the office for five days in Paris. It was the introduction of Kamila, newcomer at ML Studio. It was cute, quiet times and it's all frenzy and excitement now after all went so fast for the Polish young woman (19-years-old). Feels a bit strange and very exciting when we remembered our title when we first wrote about her, Ride the Tide, since she quite caught her wave and took the opportunity. Quite some... [Lire la suite]
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Ride the Tide

    Kamila @ ML Studio (Poland) Fashion week, fashion weeks... shows, casting and none looking like another. Shall we consider this fact as a good point, when each designer/casting director tries to build his own vision around a given show or shall we take it as pure randomness. Guess it depends highly on each case, as some shows seemed to have a real point trying to pull out a statement or create a certain aesthetic that echoes the collection while others were just too hard to understand (even too hard to look at) when... [Lire la suite]
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The Two Lives of Kinga J.

      Kinga Jozefiak @ ML Studio (Poland) Dropped a few words two days ago on our "work in progress". Just a short preview, hiding the essential to keep the surprise alive but enough to point our finger on how subtle and delicate her character is. Kinga Jozefiak, new face at ML Studio, Szczecin (Poland). The freshest pictures we got are unveiling her beauty a little more without totally getting rid of this aura of mystery. Actually, we don't know if possible to get rid of it as this is most likely one of the main... [Lire la suite]
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Natasha loves chlorophyl tops

Natasha Gumieniuk @ ML Studio (Poland) Summer mood and green tank top. And the same pretty face as on the day we discovered her. Here comes Natasha Gumieniuk again and her 5'11 silhouette (180 83-63-89), unique expressive face, impish gaze  etc. Natasha the way we love her look: forever fresh and ready to surprise us. A few more weeks and she'll be ready to travel so these new polaroids shot yesterday are arriving just time. Our favorite girl from ML Studio be working on a book this summer to be ready for next fall. Makes... [Lire la suite]
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