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Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY) If there is a blog to read this week it's probably Women's own one and if there is a post not to overlook it's most probably the story and the styling behind Viktoriya's incredible editorial in Numéro Tokyo by Maciek Kobielski. No gossip, just the ideas, the brilliant ideas and the little secret about the most striking page of Viktoriya ever. That one with the gold ring we've already featured a few times ago (see This is really Viktoriya). She's at her best here but it sounds rather like a... [Lire la suite]
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This is really Viktoriya

  Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY) by Chadwick Tyler She's an exception to the long list of cursed troubadours we fell in love with (which could even include Irina Kulikova), a little imp escaped from the swirl. Viktoriya out of the vortex. Reaching the Big Apple could be compared to swimming across the ocean for most of the models. An ocean of tears which are rarely tears of joy. Then it's just the beginning of the battle, between boxes and bubbles. When they don't get trapped in some tricky tupperwares, seeing their... [Lire la suite]
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