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TMSRRE part 14: Magdalena

      Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland), Storm (London), d'management (Milan), Ford (NY), Elite (Paris) After meeting her on a sunny day in Berlin last July and watching how things are going for her young career, we're glad to add her to our TMSRRE series this season. London was her highlight and she knew how to combine very different shows on the same booking-list. Take Veryta and Kinder Aggugini for example, difficult to find two shows that are as different as they are in their styling, clothing and overall mood.... [Lire la suite]

She's precious, like the sun

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena Fiolka on a sunny afternoon in Berlin was one of the highlight of our week in the city. It was right after she walked for Marcel Ostertag and right before we ran to our next show, she looked fantastic both on the runway and when she came out. Much presence and a lot of cuteness. It was already love at first sight when we saw her polas a while ago, it was love at first sight again when we saw her walking out of the tent in Bebelplatz (where many shows take place). She was a bit... [Lire la suite]
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Spread those wings you don't have

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena has been featured here a few times already and will probably featured again (and again). She was also one of our Lexposed Faces and she's a true Amica-girl. Does this all mean she's one of our favorites ? Obviously yes. From d'management in Milan to Elite Paris via Ford NY, we've been following whatever she did wherever she went. With our train tickets booked now, we're preparing for our trip in Berlin and truly hope to see Magdalena there as well. She's already in town with Seeds... [Lire la suite]
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