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        Olga Ovchynnikova @ Supreme (NY) Rain and wind are our guilty pleasures even when everyone is looking for blue sky but we can't help thinking Olga Ovchynnikova might have some sunny days ahead of her and we're quite pleased with this idea. Not intending she's going on vacation, though: you should see her soon, working hard and walking fast come New York Fashion Week. Ready for the frenzy, equipped with freshly taken polaroids and quite a mysterious look that should help her during that tough battle called... [Lire la suite]
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Riding on Cloud Number Nine

        Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY), Major (Paris) The nineties. The decade we lived without living them for real, just passing by and keeping a few lost memories we're not sure they're really ours. The legends and lost loves from the nineties... Jonathan Leder had the good idea again to send us his latest pieces she shot with another of our favorite girls, Kristy Kaurova who reminds him of the nineties vibes. Something we see without seeing it, depending on which nineties we're talking about. Whatever, we love... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 9: Kristy

Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY) Here is what we wrote in case it happens. Wanted to write something on Kristy again for so long it seems. Since these colorful pictures (ethereal Kristy going through pastels and bold touches) and since we met her on a Summer evening in Paris (also with Major). Wanted to write. When we heard she was in town for the shows this season, we thought the opportunity was sooner than ever and requested some digitals as fast as we could. Major sent us a couple including that gorgeous one above. Jaw dropping. Then... [Lire la suite]
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Shiny Shadows

      Rebecca Chandler @ Models1 (London) Last month we enjoyed Martina Correa's masterpieces and this month Elle UK strikes back with a couple of highlights again. Peter Doherty's illustrations and writings spread all over the issue, a vibrant editorial with Emma McLaren, the fullfilling sensation of having a thick magazine in hands and Rebecca Chandler's best story to date were enough to put it on our shopping-list again. Shot by Karen Collins, the latter offers us a very sensitive and appropriate vision of a... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinamania goes Major

    Alexandrina Turcan @ Major (NY) Everybody loves her, almost absolutely everybody (nice odd way to put it, right?) and the season hasn't even begun. Just about to start but some names are on every lips, some faces in every mind. You might say the same for girls like Gloria Loitz at One or R'el Dade at Marilyn who are both gathering a lot of the current attention. Add a couple of brand new stunners from IMG, Supreme and other powerhouses and you've got a nice potential line-up already. And besides all these magical ones... [Lire la suite]
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Anka for President

Anka Khargelia @ President (Russia) Redhead love winds back to us this afternoon and Anka's newest materials from New York are coming just in time to refresh the atmosphere. The weather is getting too heavy and a breath of fresh air was warmly (if we can say so) welcome in our offices. Anka's forever youthful look and mood couldn't be more appropriate and it seems her latest tests agree with us. Quite a prowess, by the way, that they managed to keep her freckles on such elaborated shots. Many others would have airbrushed them... [Lire la suite]
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Chaneling Energies

Tara Jean @ Liz Bell (Canada), Major (Paris) Paris Couture fashion week seemed (and actually was) slighlty lighter than usual and went faster than ever but it was honestly one of the most interesting one regarding the new faces who popped up there. Several high level shows had their newcomer(s) and Chanel has a few surprises to show this time. Our two favorites might be Nastasia Ohl and Tara Jean. We're going to focus quickly on the second one. From Liz Bell Agency in Canada (a great source of stunners if you remember girls... [Lire la suite]
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Zenia is... zuper zenius!

        Zenia Sevastyanova @ Major (NY) Giant polas from Major New York are back! And our first one is the lovely (and beyond lovely) Zenia. The title was easy to find and quite funny. She's truly super genius. With her own personal touch. Quiet classic beauty (with a twist of course) relying on her dark brown hair and gorgeous green eyes, intense and classy look in editorials where her expressions go from feminine to funny. No wonder she's a favorite here: she's an Amica girl (she was featured in one of their... [Lire la suite]
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Baby Jealousy

Katya @ Major (Paris) She looks like she ran away from a dollhouse but this doll is far from dull and full of life. We already had a preview with her first tests from Paris and even saw her on the runway at Devastée FW 09-10 at the beginning of this month. Now we have a proper idea of how she looks like in editorials as well with her brand new story in Jalouse by Hugues Laurent spreading some cuteness in motion all over the white background. The issue is all about home made and DIY, perfect for Katya's hand-made... [Lire la suite]
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Before and After

      Sofia Bartos @ Major (NY) It's a double opportunity, ten minutes before midnight. We enjoy dropping a few more lines on Sofia after her great week in New York and we're glad to post a few new pictures by Eric Guillemain who started his Before Fashion series again with a brand new blog dedicated to it. Sofia caught our eyes from show to show, almost every day with a new kick. Most thrilling was perhaps to see her walking for Rodarte - one of our favorites, season after season, always booking girls who count for... [Lire la suite]
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