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Nouvelles Vagues, Nouvelles Tronches

Summer is so soon yet we're still enjoying spring (a very warm and welcoming one), summer is knocking at our doors and so on. It's been a while we hadn't dropped a tiny update here... It was big, big time to do so and here we go (!) (and ! again), right in time for the launch of new faces, a blog that doesn't hide its name, its goal, its bloodtype and whatever else (and no need for caps). FDIB's little sister is born and alive, and delivers daily new sensations from all over the world (and the moon, sometimes). Just like the lovely... [Lire la suite]
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Diamonds Are Silver In Love

        Ruxanda @ Mandarina (Romania), Nathalie (Paris) No drumrolls and trumpets, no violins but a couple of lyrics and a few fresh pictures. Polaroids or digital for instance and the next one from Mandarina Models on our list. After two years following the young Romanian agency and its rise among the international modeling landscape, it's a pleasure to showcase another piece of its story. Relentless scouting going hand in hand with aggressive and smart policy when it comes to placements and management are a... [Lire la suite]
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High Fly, Touch The Sky

Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Premier (London) Welcome to Premier says the Union Jack on the agency's homepage. You got the right message and just can't wait to click on it. The mood is set and the atmosphere takes you straight ahead to the other side of the Channel. A short, instant imaginary trip that you want to turn into reality in a glimpse and you remember nothing is ever impossible. Absolutely nothing and that's what keeps you going on, keeps you awake late at night and kicks you out of bed early in the morning. Ana... [Lire la suite]
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Perspective. Period.

    Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Next, Premier (London) Oh, we walk till dawn, from dusk till dawn. Without losing what we had in sight and without losing ourselves. Or just a little bit. The tiny little bit you need to keep it tuned with your current mood. We're losing grip sometimes but to get back on it as fast as one can. Ana Gilca didn't lose herself in Paris (nor she did in other cities she walked in) and gathered a lovely first season from London to the City of Lights. From all runway shots and editorials bits... [Lire la suite]
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Casual or Not

    Olga Cazacenco @ Ice Squared (Milan) Haven't talked a lot about London this season (did we talk about New York much as well? maybe before it started, right) and off to Milan we go now. First day today, first thrill later this afternoon (think Gucci and tune your mood) and first Milano-girl on FDIB this morning. From Ice Squared, home of Melinda and Alisa, who just released their show package on their blog asking if you are squared enough. We might be but not sure it's our answer that matters most these days. And our... [Lire la suite]
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Back to Life!

Alina Untila @ Mandarina (Romania) First job, first cover and a great statement on it: Back to Life! A good idea for a September issue and a very uncommon way to picture it, going for a minimalist, dry and light-colored aesthetic instead of overloading the visual with all these jolly clichés usually related to the theme. We've always known Ozon for its creativity and the magazine never fails to offer an alternative vision and, in this precise case, a different point of view on fashion and beyond fashion boundaries. No big... [Lire la suite]
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Let the Music Play

Oana Timerman @ Mandarina Models (Romania) It's our "music day" today, don't know how to translate Fête de la Musique in English and don't even know if our sound goes beyond our borders. Well, we're not that much in a mood for celebrating, at least not feeling the idea of celebrating just because it's supposed to be so. We haven't listened to that music they play outside the rest of the year so why should we go out and dance right now ? Just like Christmas for anyone who doesn't belong to that religion or that... [Lire la suite]
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Introducing Ana (Extended Mix)

  Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania) It usually takes us a few days after fashion week to get fully aware of its effects. What new ideas it brought, what has to be adjusted in our vision and our ways to process things. Every season comes with a different palette of feelings and sets new standards, not especially talking about aesthetic ones but standards in general. Where we have to put more emphasis, what should get more focus and what should get a little less. Perception of beauty evolves all the time even if some key ingredients... [Lire la suite]
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The Modelmakers

      Xenia Micsanschi @ Mandarina (Romania) Any mother agent considering himself as a model supplier would seriously misunderstand his role in today's process of finding then developing new talents for market such as Paris or New York. And we'd like to insist on the development part, too often considered as belonging to the american or french agency's duties and not to the mother agent's field of action. It's one thing to scout high-potential teenagers who might have their chances in fashion, it's a totally different... [Lire la suite]
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Une Mandarina à Paris

      Oana Timerman @ WM (Paris) Not the first time we feature Oana here but so far it was from a romanian point of view. French now, as she recently arrived in Paris, managed by WM and building her book to be fine ready for the shows -- very soon, isn't it ? Our initial plans were to feature another girl who just arrived in town but Oana is Oana (and is 5'9"5 FYI) and as one of our favorites from Mandarina Models it was quite not possible to wait. Our title is a little mistaking, though. There is actually more... [Lire la suite]
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