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Face (of) the Future

Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina (Romania), Major (NY), Major (Paris) Had to wait a while, seemed we wait for ages but her we go now. Wait until Major NY finally releases its newest show package and until the magazine pops up. Wait, wait, wait but in the end it was really worth to wait. First of all, the February issue of 160g Magazine is quite awesome (also check the story featuring Lucia Tresova) and Billy Kidd did an amazing job for this Bionic theme. Colors and shadows perfectly match and Alexandrina's portfolio reached quite a... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part Three

          Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania) The atmosphere is warm and cold at the same time, just like the weather today. Not that unusual but a wind of change is blowing in background. Anna Gorcea in our Mandarinaction story, part three. By Robert Petreanu, as always. First batch of pictures was intriguing, second was inspiring, third is... experimental. If it's a kind of visual experimentation (especially for test shots), after thinking twice we remembered it just belongs the essence of modeling. Models... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part Two

    Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania) After launching the intro yesterday evening, it was time to dive into the real topic. Anna Gorcea (by Robert Petreanu). Well, you already know. What you might not, is how this potential translates once it goes closer to the camera. And how she handles sleek, quiet expressions then extreme expressions, making faces with those huge retro glasses (we said "diving into the topic" and couldn't describe it better). Ready to explore Anna's world through Robert's lens, via 10... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part One

Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania) We've been a bit slow, a bit silent these days but don't worry, it only means we are cooking something special in the shadows. The office became a bunker and we've got no more time to sleep. Back into the light, Mandarina is getting quite fast these days. Development was already one of the agency's best strength, these last weeks saw its rise to another level. Image pushed at its max (for now) and creativity enhanced by new talents from the heart of Romania. Photographer Robert Petreanu hit the... [Lire la suite]
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Olga Savina @ Mandarina (Romania) Our first girl of the year is back on the... last (business) day of the week. Let's say she ruled the first seven days of January for us and counts among our main inspirations to take a good start in 2010. Jump and dive. And strike back. That's how it works with inspiration-based jobs and creative stuff, that might be a similar process that brought Robert Petreanu to the pictures above. No astonishing post-production, no larger-than-life effects, just Ms. Olga Savina, her potential and what one... [Lire la suite]
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True (Complementary) Colors

    Mihaela Mihnea @ Mandarina (Romania) We knew she looks so good in bright yellow but it seems she works out sapphire-blue with the same power. Fit in then stand out. Mihaela could be the kind of girls that handles the (complementary) extremes like yellow and dark purple, like mellow and hard. Or is she giving her own version of the famous night/day, shadows/lights combos ? All the answers are allowed as long as they agree with George Enache pictures which caught our attention for capturing another unseen side of... [Lire la suite]
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Savvy New Year!

Olga Savina @ Mandarina (Romania) Here we go again and there's a winner, baby. The winner today is clearly Olga Savina, one of the most intriguing new face we've seen in months. We had a phone call from Mandarina this morning and were talking about the girls who still have to improve their skills in front of the camera, especially their expressions. Were about to say Olga Savina but thank Lord, we know how to shut it up sometimes. We got our answer this afternoon when came Olga's new tests by George Enache and we just dare... [Lire la suite]
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Casual Chic

Marina Serbul @ Mandarina (Romania), IMG (Paris) Casual mood plus effortleslly elegant young lady will most likely give you the epitome of casual chic and that's exactly what happened when Marina arrived in Paris. Enjoying the perks of working in a parisian flat in front of Alexandre Brunet's camera, the dark blond sweetie took her time to enhance her palette of expressions and work out her English level before traveling. And the results are just amazing on every front. Book is getting thicker, skills are getting stronger...... [Lire la suite]
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Mandarinamania goes Major

    Alexandrina Turcan @ Major (NY) Everybody loves her, almost absolutely everybody (nice odd way to put it, right?) and the season hasn't even begun. Just about to start but some names are on every lips, some faces in every mind. You might say the same for girls like Gloria Loitz at One or R'el Dade at Marilyn who are both gathering a lot of the current attention. Add a couple of brand new stunners from IMG, Supreme and other powerhouses and you've got a nice potential line-up already. And besides all these magical ones... [Lire la suite]
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Pick up the Phone

            Raisa Anane @ Mandarina (Romania) Taken less than an hour ago in the backyard at Mandarina's offices, Raisa is ready now and getting more powerful than ever. Who would have guessed only a few months ago ? But Raisa (5'9 with FM London and in perfect shape) has got the will and has been able to keep her targets as high as her potential. She learnt how to pose, how to show her presence on pictures and everything else she needed back in time. She's now able to turn from classic beauty to... [Lire la suite]
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