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Development diaries: Alexandrina

        Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina (Romania) Alexandrina was in the last package we received from her mother agency, Mandarina Models in Romania, shot by New York-based photographer Jordan Doner. This time it's all about her newest tests by another photographer from NY (and another huge favorite of ours) Jonathan Leder. This time Alexandrina is actually in NY where she's represented by Major Models. Our first impressions on her new tests are quite huge, seeing how she uses her quiet beauty in front of the... [Lire la suite]
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The Mandarinas by Jordan Doner

      Alexandrina @ Mandarina (Romania)     Anastasia @ Mandarina (Romania)     Eliza @ Mandarina (Romania)     Oana @ Mandarina (Romania)     Olga @ Mandarina (Romania)     Raisa @ Mandarina (Romania) Alexandrina was already featured a while ago, Olga has quickly reached a perennial favorite-status here, Raisa and Eliza were in our agency round-up of last week and the last two, Oana and Anastasia have their moment of spotlights for the first time on our page.... [Lire la suite]
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The Mandarinas

Marina @ Mandarina (Romania) Some news from the boutique agency tuned powerhouse, Mandarina Models and their successful scouting in Romania and Moldova. We've introduced a lot of their recent finds including Xenia (who did amazing debuts in Berlin and caught attention in Paris), Olga (our favorite, favorite, favorite) or Tanya. We'll have a look now on four more Mandarinas, all with their special looks and promising potentials. First of them is Marina, stunner from head to toe with the kind of face you can't forget. And you... [Lire la suite]
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Arty Party at Mandarina Models

    Xenia @ Mandarina Models (Romania) The Mandarinas are back and we're going to feature two ones this morning. They are not only two of the most striking new girls we've seen lately, they are not only amazing classic beauties with a unique edge, they are also both inspired art students and we've been lucky to see a few of their art works yesterday. Amazing when you can write something else about some newcomers, when you can explore new ways. Let's start with Xenia, sixteen and 5'9 (176 82-59-85), brand new and who... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Olga !

    Olga Verdis @ Mandarina Models (Romania) She was the beauty shock among all the fantastic new girls from Mandarina Models. Scouted in Republic of Moldova, Olga is a 5'10"5 (179 82-61-89) young woman who combines silhouette and face in a unique package. Some days you're on the fence with some new girls, today we were just impatient to publish Olga's first tests and newest polaroids. Brown eyes, dark brown hair and unmatched model abilities set the difference between her and a standard newcomer. It's great to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anna !

     Anna Binzari @ Mandarina Models (Romania) A Magazine is curated by Proenza Schouler and money is a word we hear (or read) more and more often. That's the way it goes today. On another hand we've received many books of new girls these last days and they brought back the inspiration. Most of them are great and belong to the highest level. The cherry on the top might be Anna, the one who was able to stand out so far. She didn't outshine the others but came with quite a lovely complete package which seems to say... [Lire la suite]
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She too can bite her tee

Alexandrina Turcan @ Mandarina Models She is a bit everywhere today and it might be significant. We knew since last month that she signed with Beatrice in Milan where she already worked on her book. The idea to put her here and now came while working on Myf's update - saw the latter biting her T-shirt in the story below. Alexandrina's test might be of a totally different kind, we thought it was a funny and interesting way to introduce her. Stylings and atmospheres are like day and night from one series to the other, the... [Lire la suite]
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