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That Mood

Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) We might be in this exact mood today. Were just saying how Chloe Dole "dares to express" when she works with a photographer and Alicia Kuczman is exactly that kind of expressive models that got attention for bringing her own mood along her looks (remember that short story we did on Alicia loves to move). After great debuts in New York walking for Marc Jacobs and ending her season solely walking for Miu Miu in Paris, Alicia immediately branded herself as a precious girl you won't see at random... [Lire la suite]
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Marc Up

        Georgia Hilmer @ Next (NY) We can always swear and swear again we'll try to steer clear from the show season. We've never managed to do so and this new season has already proved it again. Well, is it even possible to look at show packages (even for five minutes) without spotting one or two favorites among the newbies ? Impossible, for us at least. Browsing Next cards, we came across one girl, one look, one name (besides our favorite from last season - Valerija Kelava). We probably found more darling on... [Lire la suite]
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Going nuts right under the roof

      Daiane Conterato @ Supreme (NY) Sounds like our short trip to our favorite bookstore turned out to be one of the best in months. First Lula and now Bon. Sensational contents from page one to the end of the book, silky smelly paper on the cover and a lot to read. Among the last features is a piece dedicated to Haider Ackermann and, funny fact, we were just talking about his show with one of our favorite Dutch mother agent. The looks and aesthetics on various catwalks. And naturally, Haider Ackermann came in mind... [Lire la suite]

TMSRRE part 13: Marike

        Marike @ Wilhelmina (NY) "You are what you wear it's true". According to this, Marike is a true treasure, after a hectic week in NY. Even if we would just remember Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs among the several other high level shows walked, it's a real event and calls for celebration. Or at least to drop a few lines like we're doing right now. Marike or the secret cooking at Wilhelmina leading to a sensational creature able to catch any coveted catwalk. Count the silhouette (oh la la, legs -... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 10: Ines

    Ines Crnokrak @ One (NY) Here we are, TMSRRE girl number ten and the last days of New York shows. Last featured girl for this fashion week ? Last before the ones from London ? Who knows. Who knows if we won't wake up again in the middle of the night to add a number eleven still based on her NY results. Who knows ? Nobody knows. Like nobody knew Ines would be there. Requested. Wanted. Especially for Marc Jacobs show. It makes two times in a row and makes us believe it's no wonder, she could be '"another kind of... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 7: Anastasija

  Anastasija Kondratjeva @ Vacatio (Latvia) She's maybe the "real" Calvin Klein girl of the season (with Anya). She wasn't the exclusive but her appearance there tells a lot more as it takes to be seriously special to book CK as a new faces besides the exclusives. And that's just the way we would describe her. We already featured her before the shows when she was just signed with New York Models - we were simply impressed by her sleek yet highly captivating digitals. A few days later, the story was beginning. Erin... [Lire la suite]


Louis Vuitton s/s07
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Jessica Stam/ ads [tfs]
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