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Relax, Baby, Everything will turn out fine...

    Shall we call it a soft comeback or simply admit that modelling careers are going high then low, easy come-easy go, these days ? We'd go for the second option without hesitating. Things aren't as linear as they could seem before, careers are getting more complicated to follow and almost every single model has to choose between her work and school duties at least two times a year. When you put all these criterias together, it becomes impossible to judge if a girl is really on the right slope or not. You can take a deep... [Lire la suite]
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Kenneth loves boxing

Everyone has already noticed it in latest Vogue Russia. Kenneth Cappello's editorial featuring Marcelina Sowa is kinda reminiscent of one of his previous work with Jessica Stam. Boxing gloves, sporty atmosphere on a white background and so on. Everything looks the same. Really ? In a way I'd say yes but the "vibe" isn't exactly identical. Think about the models. Stam's free-and-easy look is completely different from Marcelina's shy and youthful appeal. I just don't get the same feeling when I see the two pictures and... [Lire la suite]
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conte d'hiver

Vogue Paris oct06 issue by Mark Segal with Marcelina Sowa & Suzanne DiazUN CONTE D'HIVER
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The secret lies beneath the eyelids

        Models: Ana Mihajlovic, Marcelina Sowa, Milana Bogolepova and Sasha Gachulinkova[tfs]
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