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Going Slightly Sane

Childlike empresses rule no more their ivory towers, but the view on top floor is too bright for lifeless dolls. Every monster goes back to its closet, some day or the other, and the first one passing by locks the door and throws away the key. Then people use to call every plain-jane a chameleon, with half a pound of make up on the face the trick may work. Every disaster comes to its end, but the cycle goes on its way, and all the ice-queens for a day may return to the fridge. The same applies to boney babies, doe-eyed damsels... [Lire la suite]
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Gimme gimmicks

Tuanne Froemming @ IMG (Paris) It's gimmicky. It's a young woman with accessories and a purplish blue background. It's in Marie Claire, french edition and last issue. And it's well done. It's brilliant. First we should thank photographer Olivier Rose and stylist Mako Yamazaki who did what they had to do. And did it the right way. Then we're going to focus on model Tuanne Froemming. Actually we focus on Tuanne for quite a while, since her international beginnings. She was on the cover of Muteen in white and blue with flame-red... [Lire la suite]
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