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Casual Chic

Marina Serbul @ Mandarina (Romania), IMG (Paris) Casual mood plus effortleslly elegant young lady will most likely give you the epitome of casual chic and that's exactly what happened when Marina arrived in Paris. Enjoying the perks of working in a parisian flat in front of Alexandre Brunet's camera, the dark blond sweetie took her time to enhance her palette of expressions and work out her English level before traveling. And the results are just amazing on every front. Book is getting thicker, skills are getting stronger...... [Lire la suite]
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The Mandarinas

Marina @ Mandarina (Romania) Some news from the boutique agency tuned powerhouse, Mandarina Models and their successful scouting in Romania and Moldova. We've introduced a lot of their recent finds including Xenia (who did amazing debuts in Berlin and caught attention in Paris), Olga (our favorite, favorite, favorite) or Tanya. We'll have a look now on four more Mandarinas, all with their special looks and promising potentials. First of them is Marina, stunner from head to toe with the kind of face you can't forget. And you... [Lire la suite]
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