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Coming into Blossom

After a turbulent week, especially last friday leaving us with a kind of flu and a lot of blue, we're glad to renew with quiet times and a sounder way of life. Saw the trees in bloom, light pink tiny flowers, petals in the wind, and our fever stopping reigning supreme – almost wanted to cry when we saw spring fighting against this slightly colder morning (tears of a sudden joy). And while we're digressing gently with these botanical stories, why not start today with another flower, also blossoming and for the very best. Imaan... [Lire la suite]
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Thank you for the Chiclets

The phone was too heavy so we didn't dare to reply, didn't care to answer, no matter who rings the bell. We threw the plug away and let the beast have its love story with the couch, then we drank a cup of gasoline and went back to work. The world has never been a place, it is a daily nightmare and we have to walk and shut up, everything left is our ability to see, to watch, to catch. Details are what drives us when all lights are red, when the moon shines black, when the pavement's wet. We babble and we bubble, chum and... [Lire la suite]
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Ringside Seat

Valerija Kelava @ Next and Iselin Steiro @ Women Some models are literally propelled in the spotlights as soon as they arrive on stage. Either they are push by some unknown physical forces or they do really attract the light to never let it go. Some other models make their way in the shadows, either totally unaware of the lights next door or they couldn't care less and cherish their comfy darkness. Till the day has come to get out of dark, all of a sudden or step by step, depending on the model herself and what's surrounding... [Lire la suite]
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Fantasy show

model: Catherine McNeil by Mario Testino Credit: Vogue Paris june-july hasn't even hit the bookstores that the controversy about the duet McNeil/Testino (remember Catherine Mc Neil's 6 months exclusive contract with Mario Testino) has reached an incredible level... V cover and ed featuring McNeil by Testino had its lovers and haters yet that was nothing compared to the Vogue Paris case !What I've read more often about the editorial is: "huh, she's so plain, she's doing the same expression during... [Lire la suite]
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Catherine McNeil

Who have never heard of Catherine McNeil ? Of her latest covers ? Of her exclusive contract with Mario Testino ? Yes, seems that she's in everyone's mouth and mind right now. This so-called supermodels hype ? In my opinion, this just fits today's zeitgeist. So, better forget about it if you don't like this "hype", it has nothing to do with Catherine. And better enjoy all those pictures and covers if you like HER. You may not be fond of her, it's a matter of taste but don't overlook her for wrong reasons. I do... [Lire la suite]
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