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    Marta Zaleska @ Eastern (Poland) We did a short report on Marta based on a few of her first snaps two weeks ago. Smelled potential, saw it, featured her - the usual way. After getting signed with Eastern Models through their contest, the young 5'9 beauty got her first round of test shots including the two above. A teaspoon of kitsch mixed to her naturally spooky yet sparky gaze and the magic is on.  Eighties vibe all the way, perfectly matching Marta's modern beauty-type (read: classic with a twist... yeah, classic... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Marta !

      Marta Zaleska @ Eastern (Poland) Fresh from Poland and freshly signed with Eastern Models via their Supermodelka contest (she arrived 3rd), Marta Zaleska caught our attention among the winners for her soft yet striking features, intriguing almond eyes, serene yet slightly spooky gaze. Well, there are many reasons to be captivated by the 5'9 (176) young lady and we bet agencies interested in classic beauties with a twist should get our point. Another fact that placed her among our recent favorites from Eastern... [Lire la suite]
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