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Paris Part Two!

  Anastasia Krivosheeva @ Women (Paris), Masha Kirsanova @ Viva (Paris) Second day report. Third day about to start. In thirty minutes we'll be at the other side of the town, attending Atsuro Tayama. Don't know who to expect there. Usually a safe casting with nice surprises. We'll tell you. Then in the next hours will be Issey Miyake, Gaspard Yurkievich and Christian Dior. Dior sounds exciting of course but we're even more excited about Yurkievich, the show you can't miss today if you're looking for new faces on the catwalk.... [Lire la suite]
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Together they are strong (black and blue)

    Masha Kirsanova @ Trump (NY), Ella Kandyba @ Trump (NY) Young talents, bright brilliant energy, fresh and daring etc. Themes for today that have been too much viewed with the eyes of yesteryear. Not at Trump at least. Not when Bradford Gregory holds the camera. Not when the young and strong ladies are called Masha Kirsanova (another avant garde Avant girl) and Ella Kandyba. If you're looking forward to seeing some people crossing some borders and breaking down fences, here you go. It's not that spectacular... [Lire la suite]
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Don't stop to dance

Masha Kirsanova @ Trump (NY) Balakina's got the lyrical appeal of her name, Masha's got the rythmic vibe to enhance the voltage and volume here right before fashion week begins. We often say models "can move" or "knows how to move in front of the camera". It's turning into sweet euphemisms when you see Masha on her digitals. You can always direct the model to pose like this or that. There are things one won't do while the other will. Very naturally. And if you want to know the truth, this poses are completely... [Lire la suite]
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QVEST be good to us

Living near the border, Germany has always been a wonderful and endless source for thrilling magazines and we've already featured many of them. Among our favorites, QVEST was one that never disappointed us and one of the only we have almost every issue since we've heard of it for the first time. We're in love with their castings  and the incredible styling of their fashion stories. So, when we've been asked by QVEST to make an printed article on Fashion Does It Better in the next issue, our hearts started to beat faster. ... [Lire la suite]
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I wish I were a lollipop

Masha Kirsanova @ Avant (Russia), Viva (Paris), Why Not (Milan) From the underground station to the glossy pages of Flair Italia. Masha Kirsanova was on our wish-list before leaving for Paris in february. We had the feeling she could be among the newcomers who count this season. A flickering of her eyes actually changed our feeling, under the bright white lights in the parisian métro. She's not one of them, she's one of a kind. The kind that knows how sweet and acid go on well together. The kind that knows both are requested to make... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Masha !

Masha Kirsanova @ Viva Paris Meet the next ones ! Beginnig with Masha Kirsanova, scouted by Avant Models (Moscow) and freshly arrived at Viva Paris. We love her attitude in front of a camera. Much drama in the way she poses, something deep and serious in her expression. Just right to balance a very fresh look. We love the promising test shots from Paris but those cute polaroids with that light-grey dress are a real inspiration. Hope to see her walking. Next week will tell !
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