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The bottle of the genius was full of good wine getting better each season

  Masha Tylena @ Storm (London) Instead of a top ten we have eight pictures of Masha from newest issue of Crash. We haven't seen her walking in the streets of the City of Lights but her editorial was one of the first thing we saw at the bookshop. A random glance and it stood out. Innocence but not only. Masha learnt how to blossom and let express the best of her potential. It took her a little while to give hundred percent of it in her editorial and we had to wait until the hype surrounding her went to down. Call it... [Lire la suite]
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She's definitely there

      Masha Tyelna @ Storm (London) Welcome back on the runways, Masha! The title of the editorial above says she's barely there but she's definitely in London today with her feet on the catwalk. She just walked for Kinder Aggugini, wearing an enormous oversized hat and surrounded by flowers. The atmosphere was completely different compared to her story by Polish wonder Marcin Tyszka in current Tatler. Princess of sand, wandering in a gorgeous no man's land between light sandy colors and textures and a blue... [Lire la suite]
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Only with Masha (without her we would cry)

  Masha Tyelna @ Storm (London) Here we go again with the missing part of her story in current issue of Elle UK. We introduced it a few times ago and the seven extra pictures are coming just in time with her showcard for London. Models history is funny sometimes as we featured Masha and Meghan exactly the same day. They're miles away from each other but once upon a time they were together on some H&M ad campaign, they were both the controversial newcomers bringing a fresh vibe on the fashion scene. It's not that... [Lire la suite]
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A few ones to remember, just in case

Thais Dos Santos @ Next (Paris) & Masha Tyelna @ Women (Paris)Ragnhild Jevne @ IMG (Paris)Anais Pouliot @ Karin (Paris)Janine Henkes @ Iconic (Berlin)Chantal Abbott @ Crystal (Paris)    Thais caught our eyes among the girls from Next package, Masha still belongs to our backstage darlings, Ragnhild was the delightful surprise after Manish Arora, Anais captured the attention at Talbot Runhof, no need to remember who's Janine now (just check a few posts below) and Chantal is the second red-haired sensation from Issey... [Lire la suite]
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Eyes wide open

 Masha Tyelna @ Women Management Deutsch #32, recently released in bookstores, features the cutest combo of the fashion industry: Viktoriya Sasonkina and Masha Tyelna. Viktoriya is in the editorial a few posts below and Masha's just there in her beauty story, by Tony Kim. We love the styling... and the title. Eyes wide open.
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Everything is going crazy...

That's really funny how the day did our biggest press review ever, news are keeping on pouring from everywhere. Last but not least for today, Masha Tyelna (Women) in... well it's written on the picture !
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