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      Mathilde Frachon @ Next We thought about featuring these girls when we saw the two-pages spread in Vogue Paris and while waiting for some materials from Elite, let's feature the one at Next. Mathilde Frachon, from the perfect outsider only half a year ago to everyone's darling after the shows this season. She's in a class by herself mostly because she's got this extra touch of charm that is sometimes (often) hard to find. Nice faces ? You'll see hundreds. Perfect bodies ? You'll see a lot too. Both plus... [Lire la suite]
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Movie scenes

Mathilde Frachon @ Next (Paris) The editorial is inspired by Pedro Almodovar, his movies and their atmospheres. The colors, the stares, the poses. It might be a perfect opportunity to release it during the Festival de Cannes and it was actually published in an issue of L'Express Styles dedicated to Cannes. Shot by Nicholas Moore. Mathilde the french lady in a french magazine when everybody wants to know what's going on in France. French touch everywhere.We're away from Cannes and that's not that bad. Away from the frenchy frenzy... [Lire la suite]
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