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Barely Blooming, Blossoming, But

It's been some time we had an itchy will to wrote an article on Ina Maribo Jensen and two weeks ago or so, the i-D story – bloom, grow, blossom – turned this idea into an obsession, a priority on our to-do-list (a quite long and fascinating sheet of paper). The title is just as perfect as the pics themselves, showcasing what Ina is all about at the moment: one of the most interesting talent, turning slowly (and even a tad faster) what everyone calls potential into visual reality. No one can doubt her face would even stun a blind... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 15: Alisa

  Alisa @ Ice (Milan) There is another Alisa in Milan and you'd better not overlook this one. Alisa at Ice, cool as can be (and awesome on Matteo Montanari's shot above) and if the blond one she shares her name with walked Prada, she's got a lot to tell as well after two days of shows only. Count some of the very best on her booking-list. First one is Antonio Marras. Our favorite and, as we might have said thousand times these days, one of most interesting castings worldwide - all cities included. Extended and extremely... [Lire la suite]
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A newborn Blog and a Star in making

    Olga @ d'management (Milan) Development! Here we go. We've already introduced Olga from every angle but she keeps astonishing us with every single new shot. Last one was in front of Matteo Montanari and it looks both very Milano-chic and very international good book. A good mix these days is hard to find and we've got it. Hold it preciously. Catchy and classy and nothing less than both at the same time.And, as we are talking about such things that are tossing and turning, surprising, amazing, eye-catching beyond... [Lire la suite]
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